Unsolved Murders

Gordon Smith

Age: 44

Sex: male

Date: 1 Jul 2015

Place: Grey Walls Hotel, Lake Road, Windermere

Source: www.nwemail.co.uk

Gordon Smith died after being punched in Lake Road, in the Brookside area of Windermere.

A man was tried for his manslaughter, but acquitted after the prosecution offered no further evidence following the cross-examination of the prosecutions main witness. The Crown Prosecution Service said, 'On a close examination of developments in the evidence following the cross-examination of the principal witness during the trial, the view was taken that the prosecution could not proceed.  We decided that the defendant could no longer receive a fair trial so offered no further evidence, resulting in the judge directing that the defendant was acquitted of the offence of manslaughter'.

Gordon Smith had been working at the Grey Walls Hotel in Windermere at the time.

The police were called in the early hours on 1 July 2015 after receiving reports of an altercation and found Gordon Smith dead.

Shortly after his death, four people were questioned on suspicion of murder and a 27-year-old man was later charged with his murder.

Gordon Smith had lived nearby in Church Street but came from Tyneside. He had previously worked at the Windermere Golf Club for eight years.

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