Unsolved Murders

Natalie Maclain

Age: 18

Sex: female

Date: 15 Apr 1995

Place: Calve Croft Road, Wythenshawe

Natalie Maclain was stabbed to death at her flat in Calve Croft Road, Wythenshawe.

Her body was found face down in her flat by her mother almost a week after she died on Thursday 20 April 1995.

She had had a puppy at the time that, during the week that she had been lying there dead, had disfigured her body which made it harder for the police to determine exactly how she had died. However, following her post-mortem it was revealed that she had been stabbed multiple times in the back, neck and stomach.

She was last seen in the Piccadilly 21 club in Manchester city centre in the early hours of Saturday, 14 April 1995 where she was seen by staff with an unknown man who was never identified.

She later ordered a taxi from the Piccadilly 21 club by phone in her name at about 3am on the Good Friday, 14 April 1995, which she shared with three young men she said were her mates. The taxi driver that picked her up via her booking said that the three young men looked like studenty types. He said that they were white and that one of them was distinctively tall whilst the other two were both about 5 feet 10 inches.

After she was dropped off there were no other confirmed siting’s of her.

However, the following evening, Saturday 15 April 1995, at about 9.30pm, the neighbour that lived below Natalie Maclain said that she heard a lot of noise coming from her flat. The woman said that she could hear a lot of banging and said that it was getting on her nerves and so she eventually slammed her door loudly to see if the banging stopped but said that it carried on. The woman later went to bed at about 1am, in the early hours of 16 April 1995, and said that about an hour and a half later, at about 2.30am she heard another loud bang and then the sound of footsteps running off.

Natalie Maclain's body was found about four days later by her mother.

It was noted that nothing had been taken from her flat.

Natalie Maclain had been seen earlier on the Friday 14 April 1995 during the day at a bus station by someone that knew her well with a man described as being about 28 years old, about 5 feet 11 inches and who had collar length greasy blonde hair. The police said that they had another siting of her at the same bus station a couple of days later, although they said that they were not altogether certain of the date but said that the time was about the same. On that occasion Natalie Maclain was said to have been seen with a man in his later teens or early twenties who had black hair that was shaved at the back and sides with blonde hair or streaks on top. He was also described as being about 5 feet 11 inches tall and was said to have had a scar on his face that went from his nose down to his top lip and then across his left cheek. He was also described as having a very distinctive tattoo on the back of his right hand that looked like a bird in flight as well as two lines of dots on his knuckles. The police also added that they thought that he might have used the word Paul. It was said that as they walked off from the bus station, he was pushing Natalie Maclain about in an aggressive manner.

Natalie Maclain had left home after she began getting into trouble with other girls on her estate and first went into a homeless shelter. Soon after, when she turned 18, she moved into her own flat on Calve Croft Road. She was murdered about a month after having moved into her flat.

The police later said in 2014 that the prime suspect in her murder was a man that had recently been jailed for an extended period for a sexual assault on another woman.

The man was linked to the murder of Natalie Maclain when he was convicted for the rape of another woman during which they matched forensic evidence from him to evidence found in Natalie Maclain's flat. The man was arrested for her murder, but the evidence was not strong enough to press any charges.

Natalie Maclain had two children.

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