Unsolved Murders

Dean Tulley

Age: 37

Sex: male

Date: 25 Jan 2007

Place: Fraser House, Green Dragon Lane, Brentford, West London

Dean Tulley was shot in the head at a flat by two men with a machine gun.

Two men wearing balaclavas burst into the flat at 9.22pm. There were about ten people in the flat at the time and it was thought that Dean Tulley was not targeted as they sprayed bullets around the room with a Czech Republic CZ25 sub-machine gun. They had entered the block through a rear fire escape and then kicked the door to the flat in. They were said to have sprayed the flat with bullets for three minutes.

After the shooting the men had fled down Green Dragon Lane for which CCTV evidence was recovered but it was very low quality.

Dean Tulley was pronounced dead at the scene.

Another person at his flat was also shot and a pet Staffordshire bull terrier dog also received a bullet wound. The other person was taken to hospital but later discharged.

Four men were questioned over the murder but no charges were made.

Police said that they thought that the shooting was related to gang warfare between two drug gangs on the Haverfield Estate. The flat was being used to deal Class A drugs by drug dealers that were new to the area and were moving in on the territory of the existing network of drug dealers. There had been an earlier fight between the two drug gangs that had resulted in the original drugs gang being alienated from the estate.

Police said they found a boot mark in the flat. They also recovered incredibly poor CCTV footage from the estate as well as the Czech Republic CZ25 sub-machine gun that was used in the shooting. The gun was found later in an old woman's bin in December 2007 after being dumped there by some men that had been seen waving it around at a Streatham night club. The old woman had found it and handed it in to the police. However, the police said that they could not find any connection between the men that had had the gun in the nightclub and the murder of Dean Tulley.

The flat in Fraser House was a two bedroom flat and was used by drug users and transient people.

Police said 'There is nothing in Dean's background that would lead us to believe he might have been deliberately killed. It seems he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time'.

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