Unsolved Murders

Terence Westbury

Age: 52

Sex: male

Date: 26 Nov 2014

Place: Lancaster Road, Morecambe

Source: www.lep.co.uk

Terence Westbury died after receiving a head injury after a night out in Morecambe.

He collapsed at the junction of Lancaster Road and James Street at about 2.13am on 25 November 2014 after getting out of a taxi.

He was then taken by an ambulance to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary where he died the following day.

He died from head injuries and the police said that the cause of his injuries was unexplained.

Terence Westbury had been out in the Queen Street area of Morecambe on the Tuesday evening and it was thought that he might have visited a number of pubs. The police said that they were keen to hear from anyone that had seen him on the evening.

The police said that it was not clear how he came by his injuries, stating that he could have received them in a fall, or he could have been assaulted.

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