Unsolved Murders

Ikram Ullah Khan

Age: 28

Sex: male

Date: 2 Jul 2014

Place: Stratford Road, Sparkbrook

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Ikram Ullah Khan was killed in a street fight.

He died in a group fight between men from the Afghan and Pakistani communities. The fight was described as being akin to medieval warfare.

He was stabbed in the neck. He had been fighting with the Pakistani group,

Seven people, all Afghan's, were charged with his murder but found not guilty. They had all been charged together as having operated under a joint enterprise.

The fight was said to have been the culmination of an ongoing dispute.

It was heard that both groups of men had been prepared for violence and had been heavily armed. It was heard that the Pakistani's had fired at least one shotgun. The Afghan's had arrived in a convoy of at least four cars and it was heard that the Pakistani's had known they were coming and were armed and ready for them.

The four cars were seen arriving at around 7.30pm in Grantham Road on CCTV.

The fighting had taken place in Grantham Road and other streets nearby. They were both armed with bars, sticks, knives and swords.

Most of the violence took place off screen, but at least two gunshots were heard as well as screaming and shouting.

The prosecution said, 'What we are concerned with is not a chance confrontation. Both sides were prepared and organised. Both sides knew it was going to happen, both sides willingly participated'.

A man filmed one of the men tried for murder on his mobile phone whilst on his way home from work as he lay on a street corner bleeding from a neck wound. The man had a serious wound to his throat and his cream trousers were said to have been almost completely stained by his blood. The man that filmed it said that he had an injured arm and a cut from his ear to his mouth had been stumbling along Gladstone Road.

The police said that it was the man that was found with the throat injury that had had delivered the fatal stab wound to Ikram Khan.

Another man it was heard, had been cut open with a sword, and another man had taken part of a shotgun blast to his face.

The prosecution noted that it was a matter of chance that one side suffered a fatality whilst the other did not. He said, 'Any of those in the dock could have been killed if they had taken the full brunt of a shotgun discharge or slightly different swing of a sword, machete or whatever was being wielded. It is a matter of chance and excellent medical care that the two other injured men survived to face trial'.

Several weapons were found at the scene including a knife that was found in a driveway on Grantham Road, two baseball bats that were found under a vehicle and the remains of another bat. Three baseball bats were also found under a bush on Farm Road.

Although the seven men were acquitted, the police appealed for another suspect in September 2015 who had vanished. The police said that they thought that he was still in the Birmingham area, but that he was avoiding his local area and previous associates.

Ikram Khan had four children.

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