Unsolved Murders

Christian Bagley

Age: 30

Sex: male

Date: 23 Jun 2015

Place: Rogers Avenue, Hunderton Bridge

Christian Bagley was stabbed in Rogers Avenue and died later in Hereford County Hospital.

He had just been to visit his two-year-old daughter on Father's Day and was walking home along Rogers Avenue in Hereford at the time. He was stabbed twice, once in the back and once in the arm as he walked under the Hunderton Bridge between 10.40pm and 10.50pm.

The murder weapon was a serrated kitchen carving knife, and the blade broke off in his arm where he was stabbed the second time.

The fatal wound was the one to his back.

Several people were arrested on suspicion of murder as well as suspicion of assisting an offender and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice but none of them were charged.

Another person was also arrested on suspicion of murder in April 2016, but he was also later released.

In December 2016 the police said that they were still trying to trace a man that had been seen walking along Villa Street in the direction of Hunderton Bridge at about 10.20pm.

Christian Bagley had been sharing a flat with his brother at the time of his murder. He had left the flat earlier in the day to go and see his daughter at his ex-partners house. He then took the daughter off to a MacDonald’s restaurant where he bought some food and went back to the mother's house where they spent the evening. He later left at about 10.35pm to walk back to his flat and it was on his way home that he was attacked.

It was a 10 to 15 minute journey home and it took him along the river.

He was stabbed first in the back and then in the arm. The stab to his arm was so hard that the handle broke off, leaving the blade in his arm.

He then staggered off to a friend’s but died an hour later. It was noted that he had not had his mobile phone on him at the time.

The police said that they didn't know if it was a random attack or whether his murderer had known him.

Following his death, his body was allowed to decompose to the extent that his family were unable to allow him to be seen at the funeral. They were told by the funeral director that he was unable to dress his body as it had decomposed too much and that he would have to put his clothes over his body. The police said that they would look into their mortuary processes.

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