Unsolved Murders

George Ruddock

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 22 Jan 1912

Place: Ashton Lane, Hillhead, West End, Glasgow

George Ruddock was killed in the West End of Glasgow. He was also known as George Riddoch.

Shouts of murder were heard from a lane and when a woman looked out she saw two well-dressed gentlemen striking each other and then one of them run away.

George Ruddock was found in a pool of blood in Ashton Lane with wounds on his face and head and from the back of his head his brain partially protruded. He was then taken to the infirmary where he died later in the morning. When he arrived at hospital his head was temporarily dressed by a medical student, but no hope was entertained for his recovery.

An iron bar was later found near the scene of the crime.

A man was arrested after another person saw him later at the scene of the crime and thought that he matched the description of the killer, but he was later released.

He was known to have left the YMCA Club at the Christian Institute in Rothwell Street at 7pm and was next found in a pool of blood in Ashton Lane at 9.45pm. He was thought to be heading for the subway station in Byres Road.

Ashton Lane was a narrow thoroughfare between Byres Road and University Avenue.

Glasgow police offered a reward of £200 and published photographs of him. It was thought that the motive was robbery but that the killer had fled after becoming alarmed.

A man who was seen near the vicinity of the crime around the time was described as being of middle height, about 40 years of age, poorly dressed and wearing a light brown overcoat and speaking with an English accent.

George Ruddock was an elderly man who lived at 64 Buchanan Street, Glasgow. He was a heraldic and general engraver.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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