Unsolved Murders

Winifred Beatrice Baker

Age: 12

Sex: female

Date: 6 Dec 1912

Place: Walton Road, Woking

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Winifred Beatrice Baker was a girl scout and was murdered in Woking.

She had been strangled in a passage just off of Walton Road.

She was a twin and had lived with her family on Goldsworth Road.

She had been abducted by a man who had accosted a group of Girl Nightingales, a sort of scout movement, and singled her out. He then took her off in the pretence of going off to see her temperance class teacher. They then went off together in the direction of pine woods.

Her friends became alarmed and told the police after which constables, Boy Scouts and cyclists joined in a systematic search of miles of common until she was found the following morning by a greengrocers' assistant in a passage not far from the road and not far from where she had been abducted.

One of the friends that had been with Winifred Baker said that they had left the Mission Hall just after 7pm carrying their scout poles. She said that Winifred Baker was carrying a piece of paper with pictures of flags on it, and that just after they stopped at a sweet shop a man came up behind them and touched the her on the shoulder and said, 'Your temperance teacher wants to see you'. The girl said they replied, 'We are not Band of Hope girls, we are Nightingales', and said that the man then said, 'That is right' and then asked the girl to come with him again.

The girl said that she refused to go with the man, as did another girl, but said that Winifred Baker said, 'I will go and see what she wants. You wait here, I won't be a minute'. However, they didn't wait and followed behind but lost sight of them at the mission hall. They said that when they had started to run after Winifred Baker the man had pulled Winifred Baker along.

They said that when the man spoke he put his hand to his mouth and stuttered. They said that they had also met the man on the preceding Tuesday but had not spoken to him, noting that he had then been with another man.

The girls said that when the man took Winifred Baker there had been plenty of people about but said that no one took any notice.

The girls then told the caretaker at the hall what had happened, but he said that he hadn't seen Winifred Baker and they then told a policeman.

Winifred Baker had been wearing a red scarf at the time.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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