Unsolved Murders

Alan Bailey

Age: 66

Sex: male

Date: 6 Mar 2008

Place: Lewgars Avenue, Kingsbury, Northwest London

Alan Bailey died four months after he was attacked.

He had been attacked behind the Pizza Hut restaurant in Kingsbury Road.

He was later found in the early hours of 27 November 2007, around 5am, in Lewgars Avenue and taken to Northwick Park Hospital. However, he was discharged without his two broken arms and fractured ribs being treated.

He was later found dead in his living room at his home in Boycroft Avenue wrapped in blankets on his sofa on 3 March 2008. He was discovered by a neighbour that used to put notes through his door to see if he was all right. When he put a note through in March 2008 which was unanswered his body was found.

His post-mortem revealed that he had died from multiple injuries and that he could have been dead for months.

Whilst at the hospital he had said that his arm hurt but the doctor that treated him didn't carry out an X-ray and he was discharged. In the doctors notes he had written 'I could find no injuries to the limbs'. The doctor that had treated him was from Canada and later went back in 2008. An internal investigation was carried out in the hospital but now blame was found on the doctor or anyone else and no disciplinary action taken.

Another doctor who reviewed the case at the inquest said that he found it hard to imagine that Alan Bailey would not have exhibited greater pain from just one fractured rib, let alone several. He had said 'I am puzzled and remain puzzled with regard to the rib fractures, it’s exquisitely painful even with one rib fracture. I'm at a loss why Mr Bailey didn't exhibit more signs of pain at that time. If the doctor didn't examine him and reported that he did, I believe that's a serious failure. If he examined him properly but missed these fractures, I would be extremely concerned about his competence.'

Alan Bailey was said to be a recluse who rarely left his home except to find food at the back of restaurants in the early hours of the morning.

He had told a paramedic that he didn't collect his pension because he couldn't be bothered.

A policeman who had dealt with him on 27 November 2007 was later disciplined for not logging the incident as a crime. He had said that the doctors had told him that his injuries were consistent with a fall. as a result a follow up visit to his home, which was standard in all cases of alleged assault, was not done.

The police later said that their investigation into his murder was therefore hampered because of the delay between his assault and his body being found and that vital clues, forensic evidence, and CCTV footage was all lost

He was a retired lift engineer.

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