Unsolved Murders

Emily Maria Trigg

Age: 20

Sex: female

Date: 6 Aug 1916

Place: Bridge Wood, Rochester

Emily Maria Trigg was found dead in Bridge Wood between Rochester and Maidstone.

A soldier was charged with her murder but later discharged.

Emily Trigg was a young servant girl and was in service for a family in Rochester. She had left her mistress's residence on the afternoon of Sunday 6 August 1916 to walk to her mother's house but failed to arrive.

Her skeleton was later found on 21 September 1916 in the wood by a blackberrying party. A gold necklet was found nearby which was identified as belonging to Emily Trigg and her clothes which had been cut and stripped from her body were found a short distance away.

Some cut grass had been placed over her body and a piece of calico torn from her clothing had been pushed into her mouth and was protruding between her teeth.

The medical evidence said that there had been an attempt at an outrage but that it was impossible to state the cause of death. It was thought that more than one person was responsible for the crime.

The man who had found her skeleton said that at the time he had spoken to a farmer there who had told him that he had seen a young woman walking up Blue Hill with a soldier six weeks earlier.

Emily Trigg's mistress also said that one evening in July a strange soldier has accompanied Emily Trigg home. She also said that Emily Trigg had told her that she did not like to be seen with a soldier who had spoken to her because he was a gentleman while she was only a country girl.

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