Unsolved Murders

Margaret Howell

Age: 3 months

Sex: female

Date: 13 May 1918

Place: Grenville Road, Hornsey Rise

Margaret Howell and Germaine Desolly were suffocated in their perambulators.

They were in the care of a nurse licensed by the London County Council and had been wheeled outside into the back garden. They were left in the sun for a while and then moved into the shade. They had been supplied with bottles of milk, water and sugar.

When the nurse went out to see them at 6pm she found that Margaret Howell was dead and then a short time later that Germaine Desolly was also dead.

The hands of both babies were clenched, and their legs drawn up.

The nurse said that she had a cat but that it was not in the garden that afternoon and that she had not seen any strange cats. She also said that neither of the children had been covered with a shawl.

The autopsy stated that the children had been suffocated.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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