Unsolved Murders

James Albert Kenyon

Age: 38

Sex: male

Date: 12 Oct 1962

Place: Wigan, Lancashire

James Albert Kenyon was killed in a street fight.

A man was tried for his murder but acquitted.

James Kenyon had been a paint sprayer and had lived at 38 Woodhouse Lane in Wigan.

He had been out to a dance hall and got involved in a scuffle, resulting in his death.

The man tried had been his friend and had been out with him on the night and said that when the scuffle started that he tried to restrain James Kenyon, however, he said that James Kenyon had resented that and used obscene language. Shortly after James Kenyon was seen chasing his friend up the road, the friend having decided to leave with his wife. 

They were next seen behind a bus shelter were James Kenyon struck his friend twice, after which his friend hit him twice back, causing him to fall and hit his head on the pavement, fracturing his skull.

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