Unsolved Murders

John Adams

Age: 43

Sex: male

Date: 27 Jan 1900

Place: Inkerman Barracks, Woking

John Adams was a private in the 4th Battalion East Surrey Regiment and was found dead outside the canteen at the Inkerman Barracks in Woking.

The jury said that a great deal more about John Adams death was known in the regiment than had been stated.

It was said that he had been kicked to death by his comrades.

He was found outside the canteen in a ditch on the Friday night, 26 January 1900 in an insensible condition and taken by ambulance to Cambridge Hospital where he died on the Saturday morning without regaining consciousness.

The whole of the right side of his face had been smashed, with his jaw bone and skull being fractured and his right eye almost knocked out. He also had serious bruising on other parts, apparently the result of kicks.

He was last seen in his room at 8.30pm and was next found in the ditch two hours later. When he was found all he could say was 'They hit me'.

John Adams had been in the battalion for twenty-one years and was described as steadfast in his habits.

Much of Inkerman Barracks has since been demolished.

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