Unsolved Murders

Paul Simmons-Turner

Age: 38

Sex: male

Date: 8 Dec 2015

Place: Marriott Hotel, Oldshire Lane, Waltham Abbey

Paul Simmons-Turner was ambushed outside the Marriott Hotel in Oldshire Lane, Waltham Abbey and chased and shot dead on 8 December 2015.

He had stayed the previous night at the Mariott Hotel in Waltham Abbey with his girlfriend, but when he left at about 9.45am, he was ambushed outside and shot through the lip and tongue. The police said that his murderers appeared to have been waiting for him.

Paul Simmons-Turner then sought help with a man that was in his car with his disabled daughter, jumping into their car and asking to be driven away. However, other reports described Paul Simmons-Turner as having hijacked the man's car.

However, the people that ambushed Paul Simmons-Turner followed the man's car and cut it off in the car park of The Volunteer pub about a mile away where they shot Paul Simmons-Turner again in the chest.

It was said that the man that shot Paul Simmons-Turner then got into a dark coloured car that was being driven by his accomplice and was then driven away.

Paul Simmons-Turner's post-mortem concluded that he had died from gunshot wounds and a verdict of unlawful killing was returned.

The police said that at the time of his murder, Paul Simmons-Turner was wanted by them for allegedly assaulting two men at a Loughton nightclub in May 2015 who received serious head injuries in what was thought to have been a planned attack.

It was later said that Paul Simmons-Turner's murder might have been drugs related.

A man was arrested in connection with his murder in October 2016, but no further details are known.

Paul Simmons-Turner had had three children.

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