Unsolved Murders

Nathan Williams

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 28 Jul 2009

Place: Ludwick Mews, New Cross

Source: www.newsshopper.co.uk

Nathan Williams was shot in Ludwick Mews, New Cross whilst he was sitting in his black VW Golf car at about 1:30am.

He was shot multiple times with two different guns, a shotgun and a handgun.

He was taken to Kings College Hospital but later died at 2.11am.

Witnesses said there were possibly four people involved in his shooting.

He had been waiting for his girlfriend at her grandfather’s house at the time. When he was shot, a neighbour who heard the gun shots said they saw Nathan Williams's girlfriend screaming 'They’ve shot my baby, they’ve shot my baby'.

Police spoke to hundreds of people and two people were arrested but no one was charged.

It was thought that his shooting might have been a case of mistaken identity as there had been an argument a while earlier involving someone with a similar car.

Nathan Williams had lived in Kennington.

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