Unsolved Murders

Abdel Salam Hassan Abdelsalam

Age: 51

Sex: male

Date: 13 Mar 2010

Place: Boone Street, Lewisham

Source: www.met.police.uk

Abdel Abdelsalam was stabbed in his leg at his home and died from blood loss.

He was a human rights campaigner and needed two sticks to walk about. At the time he was a practising human rights lawyer and had been working at the charity Redress which supported torture survivors. Other organisations that he had worked with included Human Rights Watch, the Sudan Human Rights Organisation and Justice Africa.

He weighed 22 stone and was 5ft 9in tall with short afro hair.

He had been stabbed multiple times.

He had lived in a bottom floor flat in Boone Street.

The police were called when neighbour saw that his front door was left slightly open at about 7.10am on the Saturday morning. when they arrived they found that he was dead.

He was last seen by a social services worker who had been to visit him on the afternoon before he was murdered, Friday 12 March 2010.

He was also seen a while later at 5pm on CCTV on Lee High Road taking money out of a cash machine.

A few hours later at 9.15pm he made a telephone call to a friend.

Four men were arrested for his murder but no charges were made.

He was a Sudanese national. He had practiced law in Sudan until he was imprisoned and then moved to Britain in 1989 after the coup.

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