Unsolved Murders

Daniel Sheridan

Age: 20

Sex: male

Date: 7 Feb 1920

Place: 9 Frank Street, Huddersfield Road, Oldham

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Daniel Sheridan was shot at his home.

Two of Daniel Sheridan's friends were charged but later discharged after saying that it was an accident.

He was found dead at his house at 3.20am on the Saturday morning, 7 February 1920, having been shot through the head. When the police reached the scene they found revolvers and spent bullets on the premises.

None of the neighbours heard any shots fired and it wasn't until a boy living at the cottage ran for a doctor that anything was known of it. Daniel Sheridan was first discovered by his mother who had heard a noise early next morning and had gone downstairs to look and found him dead in a sitting position by the fireplace. The window was open as though someone had left hurriedly.

There was a large quantity of blood on the floor and he had a wound in his upper lip.

Daniel Sheridan had not returned home by the time that the other members of his family had gone to bed on the Friday night.

Three of his friends were arrested shortly afterwards. When they were each arrested they were found in bed at their homes. Two of them were later charged. They were both 19 years of age.

They were later discharged at the Oldham Magistrates Court after a 9 hour sitting where it was heard that they had all, including Daniel Sheridan, broken into a skating rink and then returned to Daniel Sheridan's home with some stolen revolvers and that one of them was accidently fired by one of the youths.

Daniel Sheridan had lived with his step-father in a cottage in Frank Street just off of Huddersfield Road in Oldham.

He had served in both the Army and the Navy and had been demobilised a few months earlier.

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