Unsolved Murders

Florence Newton

Age: 31

Sex: female

Date: 15 Jun 1921

Place: 2Hearfield Terrace, Eastgate, Hessle, Hull

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Florence Newton died from blood poisoning following an illegal operation.

She died at the Hull Infirmary.

A fish worker who lived on Somerset Terrace, Staniforth Place on Hessle Road, who was said to have visited Florence Newton before she died refused to answer any questions saying that he was not obliged to answer any questions that might incriminate him in adultery. He said that he had been advised not to answer any questions as other than incriminating him in the death of Florence Newton, under recognised rules of law no question could be put to him, or at least, he was not bound to answer any question which might show that he had committed adultery as he was a married man.

The Coroner commented on the doctors who had out of professional etiquette had not called in the police when Florence Newton was admitted to hospital saying that if they had a statement might have been taken from her. He said that no one was keener in professional etiquette than he, but he thought that in this case it had been stretched and a statement under oath, once they knew she was dying, would have helped.

The fish worker who was said to have visited the woman pointed out that the statements made by Florence Newton in the infirmary prior to her death whilst acceptable without oath could not be accepted if it would have not met the requirements of a statement actually made under oath, namely that under oath he would have been required to have been in attendance when the statement was made which he wasn't.

Florence Newton had become an actress in 1905 and went onto the stage but she had given that up in 1911. Her mother said that the daughter of Florence Newton's last child had been a married man. She also said that at the time of her death Florence Newton was in receipt of a war pension of 35s per week and that was she always seemed to have plenty of money.

The mother said that Florence Newton ran a small grocer's shop in Marmaduke Street but said that she did not know that Florence Newton dealt in certain goods nor that men visited her shop for the purchase of those goods and she had only been there twice in two years.

She also said that Florence Newton had told her that she was in trouble and that she had been with the fish worker that would not answer any questions to an address in Walton Street to see a woman who had told her she could get her out of trouble for £3. She also said that Florence Newton had told her that the fish worker was a married man and could not marry her. She said that she had never met the man but said that Florence Newton had told her in late December 1920 that she was going to marry the fish worker.

A herbalist was also questioned at the inquest but she denied ever seeing Florence Newton or selling her any herbs.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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