Unsolved Murders

John William Ward

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 29 Apr 1904

Place: Worsborough

John William Ward died after a lamp set him on fire.

His sister-in-law was tried for his manslaughter but was acquitted after the jury found that there was not sufficient evidence to convict her.

The sister-in-law had been creating a scene on 29 April 1904. John Ward, who lived over the street went over to her house and went inside and moments later caught on fire.

The prosecution said that the sister-in-law had hit him on the head with the lamp when he had gone in which had caused him to fall down and catch his clothing on fire and that she had then poured the rest of the oil over his body.

However, the sister-in-law said that when John Ward had gone into her house he had struck her and the lamp had fallen and he had caught fire.