Unsolved Murders

Jane Williams

Age: 80

Sex: female

Date: 29 Sep 1904

Place: Glandwr, Llanrig

Jane Williams was beaten over the head.

The 31 year old woman that she had shared a cottage with was charged with her murder but the case was dropped as was a charge of attempting to commit suicide on the condition that her husband look after her.

Police had found an apron and a petticoat in the woman’s house that appeared to be blood stained but when the stains were examined one was found to have been paint and the other iron rust.

Jane Williams was found in her house by her grandson groaning in pain. A medical examination showed that she had serious head injuries.

While she was in a semi-conscious state she said that she had fallen on her head and that someone had struck her from behind but that she didn't remember seeing anyone.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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