Unsolved Murders

Carrie Boddy

Age: 9

Sex: female

Date: 5 Mar 1921

Place: 3 Henrys Place, Great Thornton Street, Hull

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Carrie Boddy disappeared in Hull.

Her mother later had a vivid dream that her daughter had drowned and the police used grappling irons to drag the docks but found nothing. It was noted that it was not the first time that the police had acted on what might be called spiritualistic clues.

The police also searched the hold of a foreign ship but without success.

She was last seen by her aunt at 8.30pm skipping and playing near the end of the court and a few minutes later her mother went out and called for her but she was gone.

It was thought that she was decoyed away by the offer of some gift.

She had been poorly dressed and had been wearing a pair of her mother's boots.

A woman said that she had seen a man and woman of the gipsy type enter a tramcar with a child that matched Carrie Boddy's description but nothing more could be found out about it.

Her father was a marine fireman.

Two years later Carrie Boddy’s parents wrote a letter to the Hull Daily Mail stating that they had still not heard anything of their daughter saying that it was a very anxious time for them but noted that God moved in mysterious ways. They said that they feared that she had been taken away and described her as very fair and said that she never went away from home by herself.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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