Unsolved Murders

Pragaret Singh

Age: 35

Sex: male

Date: 31 Oct 2014

Place: Manchester Food Traders, Wood Street, Openshaw

Source: www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Pragaret Singh was shot twice at his family business, Manchester Food Traders in Openshaw as he was locking up on the Friday night, 31 October 2014. He died later in hospital.

It was thought that he had been shot whilst grappling with a pair of robbers.

He was said to have been carrying about £28k at the time, the business's takings, which was stolen. It was also thought that the robbery had been planned and that the people involved would have known that he would have the money on him.

It was thought that the killer or killers made their getaway in a light-coloured silver Seat Leon, turning onto Alan Turing Way during rush-hour and driving off towards Ashton Old Road. However, it was dark, and raining and no CCTV evidence could be found to identify the vehicle or the killers.

Pragaret Singh had been shot with a .45 calibre self-loading handgun and had injuries to his abdomen and chest and was found by his brother who had left five minutes earlier, but who rushed back to help him.

It was later reported that the gun that had been used to killed Pragaret Singh was the same gun used to kill Kieran McGrath on Saturday 4 October 2014 outside the Sheldon Arms in Ashton-under-Lyne. Four men were convicted for Kieran McGrath's murder in April 2016. However, the police said that they didn't think that the same killers were involved in each murder as it was thought that the firearm was being passed between criminals.

Armed police arrived at 6.20pm to find Pragaret Singh lying nearby.

One of the men involved was described as black, clean shaven, with spiked knotted hair and with a tall slim build and had been wearing a jacket with the sleeves rolled up. A pencil sketch of his likeness was prepared by the police.

Police arrested five people in relation to the murder, but no one was ever charged.

Pragaret Singh's brother later said that he thought that the people responsible might have known or even worked for Pragaret Singh.

It was reported that 25 members of the staff at Manchester Food Traders and a similar number at an adjacent business were questioned over the murder, as it was thought that the robbers would have had inside information about Pragaret Singh's movements and habits, knowing that Pragaret Singh dealt with most of the cash transactions and that he drove a BMW X5 for work.

He was known to friends and family as Charlie Singh and had three children.

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