Unsolved Murders

Lauren Eley

Age: 17

Sex: female

Date: 11 Dec 2004

Place: Grosvenor Centre Car Park, Northampton

Lauren Eley died after falling from a car park.

She was taken to Northampton Hospital where she died soon after on 11 December 2004.

It was thought that her death could have been caused by an accident, misadventure or through the involvement of a third party. An open verdict was returned at her inquest.

It was noted that the police didn't collect forensic evidence from the scene or follow any leads up at the time because they had assumed that her death had been a suicide.

Lauren Eley was last seen going into the Grosvenor Shopping Centre multi-storey car park at level one at around 1.50pm on 11 December 2004 to meet a boyfriend that she had kept secret from her family. However, minutes later she fell from the car park to the ground below. She survived the fall but was seriously injured and was taken to hospital where she died four hours later during an operation.

She had been found by some youths that said they had seen her phone on a ledge in an emergency stairwell in the car park and when they looked over they saw her below on the ground and called for an ambulance.

It was said that as she was being taken to the hospital she had told the paramedics multiple times that she had not jumped.

The youths that had found her phone and called for an ambulance were arrested on suspicion of her manslaughter but later released without charge.

The boyfriend that she was said to have gone to meet had said that he had gone to see another girlfriend on the day and hadn't seen Lauren Eley.

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