Unsolved Murders

Rose Render

Age: 19

Sex: female

Date: 21 Aug 1911

Place: Upper Yardley Street, Wilmington Square, Clerkenwell

Rose Render was found lying on the footway in Upper Yardley Street with a stab wound to her neck.

She was taken to the Royal Free Hospital but died. Her post-mortem revealed that she had no fewer than nine wounds to her heart, head and body.

A man was tried for her murder and sentenced to death but he appealed and his conviction was quashed because of the judge’s misdirection of the jury.

The man had lived with Rose Render around twelve months earlier but they had quarrelled a lot and had been parted. Her father said that the last time that he had seen the man was four months before when he had seen him in a pub and he had hit him and the man had then run away. When Rose Render's father saw the man at the magistrate’s court he said 'If I could only get hold of you!'.

An oilman that had premises in Wilmington Square said that he heard Rose Render shouting 'don’t, don’t!'. However, he said that he didn't take much notice of the incident which he said was not an unusual one for the neighbourhood at that time of night.

Her body was found soon after. Her head was on the pavement and her feet were on some steps against a doorway.

The man tried for her murder was said to have confessed, having said, 'she drove me to do it'. It was also shown that he had bought a long-bladed knife the day before.

A policeman said that during their investigation, observation had been kept on a small restaurant in Soho and that when he went in to look around, although he did not know the man, he had stood up and said, 'It is me you want'. He said that when he asked him to confirm his name he said 'Yes. The missus tells me you have been here, so I thought I would wait'. The policeman said that when he told the man that he was going to arrest him on suspicion of murdering Rose Render he had said 'I don't know anything about it'. The policeman said that on the way to the police station the man said 'I did not come out till ten o'clock. I was at a person's place till 2.30. I have been home ever since, and went to a fire at Tottenham Court Road.

Whilst his conviction was quashed on a technicality, the Appeal Court pointed out that in quashing the verdict no view was expressed as to his guilt.

Rose Render had been an eating-house employee.

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