Unsolved Murders

Georgina Burnett

Age: 26

Sex: female

Date: 25 Oct 1909

Place: Musselburgh

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Georgina Burnett was found dead in a sack in a disused pit in Musselburgh.

She had last been seen around 17 June 1909. Her body was found around 17 September 1909.

She was initially identified by her landlady who identified fragments of the clothing that was found on her body. Her body, which had been buried, was however later exhumed and taken to Edinburgh where she was identified by two people that had known her very well.

A man was arrested for her murder but later released.

The water in the disused pit was 117 fathoms deep.

Her post-mortem showed no natural cause of death, but it was thought that she had been dead before she had been put in the sack.

The foreman under whom the man initially arrested for her murder worked said that on 17 June 1909 the man had introduced a woman to him as his cousin, a Miss Burnett, from Dundee, stating that she was to keep house for him. The foreman then later identified the woman that he had seen with the man as Georgina Burnett and said that he last saw them get in a car at about 10pm, understanding that they were going to Musselburgh.

A sailor that new Georgina Burnett said that Georgina Burnett had told him on 17 June 1909 that she was going to Musselburgh with a miner and would probably be back that night or the next day.

At her inquest, the jury said that there was no evidence to show that anyone was to blame in connection with her death.

Georgina Burnett was also known as Jeanie. She was described as a shapely, attractive and light-hearted girl, and was known for her singing and dancing.

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