Unsolved Murders

Samuel Sharpe

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 24 Jan 1924

Place: Paddington

Samuel Sharpe died from coal gas poisoning but it was not known he had come to be poisoned.

He had been a caretaker at a house in Paddington.

Earlier in the day he had been out and when he returned he found that there had been a burglary and £20 worth of jewellery was missing. The police attended the house and Samuel Sharpe told them that he would he sat up all night in front of the fire.

The next day he was found dead in a servant’s room stretched out in front of a fire which was burning. As such, it was not known how he came to be poisoned.

It was suggested that one of the jets had not caught fire and had leaked gas but it was ruled out as in that case there would have been an explosion.

it was also suggested that someone might have come into his room, switched on the gas and waited for Samuel Sharpe to die and then gone in and relit the fire but it was said to have been a very far-fetched theory.