Unsolved Murders

Aaron McQueen Williams

Age: 23

Sex: male

Date: 27 May 2011

Place: A40, Chiswick

Aaron McQueen Williams died after falling out or being thrown from a moving car on the A40.

He was found on 27 May 2011 at around 12.20am in the road on the A40, eastbound, near the Hoover Building and the junction with Hangar Lane. He was taken to hospital but was later pronounced dead at 7am after doctors struggled for six hours to save his life.

His post-mortem stated that the cause of death was blunt trauma to the head consistent with falling from a car. However, it was unclear whether some of his head injuries had been caused before he was ejected from the car or when he landed in the road. A doctor said that Aaron Williams had bruising and a cut to his left eye that could have been caused during an assault before he fell from the car.

He was picked up by his two friends in a Silver BMW 1 Series car between 10pm and 11pm the night before, 26 May 2011. They later said that Aaron Williams had jumped out of the car.

They said that a row had developed in the car because Aaron Williams had owed the other passenger between £2k and £4k.

A cab driver said that he saw Aaron Williams holding onto the roof of the Silver BMW as it travelled along at about 40mph for about 5 seconds, holding up his feet to stop them dragging along the ground. He said that the car then swerved and Aaron Williams fell off into the road. The Silver BMW then drove on without stopping.

Two men were arrested shortly after his death but no charges were made.

The other passenger was said to have been seen earlier in an angry state.

When one of the men that had been in the car was asked why they didn't stop he said that they had panicked.

The driver said that he couldn't remember much of what had happened that night saying 'I didn’t ask questions, I didn’t know what they were talking about. I can’t remember. At the time I wasn’t thinking'.

His post mortem proved inconclusive and an open verdict was returned. His death was considered unexplained. The Coroner said that it was impossible to prove beyond reasonable doubt at that time whether his death was manslaughter or murder.

The policeman that led the investigation said that the locking system on the type of car that he had fallen from automatically locked when the car was travelling faster than 10mph and that it could not have been opened accidently. He said that to have opened it at the speed it was going the lock would have had to have been pulled with two specific movements to over-ride the safety device.

Aaron Williams had been an estate agent.

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