Unsolved Murders

Abraham Jackson

Age: 67

Sex: male

Date: 29 Aug 1923

Place: River Thames, Cherry Garden Pier, Rotherhithe

Abraham Jackson was found dead in the River Thames.

His death was due to asphyxiation by drowning but was accelerated by a blow to the back of his head although it was not possible to say how the blow was caused.

He was originally from Baddow Park and Sandon Lodge in Chelmsford but left 12 years earlier and had lived for the previous 2 years at the Grand Hotel on Northumberland Avenue.

He had formerly been a prominent figure in the Essex hunting circles. After moving to Sandon Lodge he had become involved with the Essex Staghounds and when he went to Baddow Park he took up mastership of the hounds which were kennelled in the Park grounds. In this capacity be became familiar with all the principal landowners in the area and was held in high esteem.

He had been married but his wife had died in a nursing home and there were no children.

In London he was closely associated with the London Stock Exchange and spent most of his week in the City.

He was last seen alive on the Saturday morning by the cashier of the Grand Hotel in Northumberland Avenue from whom Abraham Jackson borrowed £1 from saying that he was just going to the bank.

He was known to be in good health and his valet said that he knew of no reason why he would want to take his own life.

Whilst in Chelmsford he was said to have been a wealthy man but for some reason he gave up the life of a country gentleman and became a recluse taking up rooms in the Grand Hotel.

At the hotel he was described as a mystery man and kept himself to himself and aloof from other visitors and residents, speaking to the servants only when necessary. He was said to have read much and subscribed to several sporting periodicals and generally appeared to have a lot of money.

On the Saturday he had handed in his keys saying that he was going to the country for a few days and that his rooms should be kept locked which was quite normal for him.

It was noted as being significant that after his visit to the bank he didn't return to the hotel as would have been expected to collect any luggage of any kind.

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