Unsolved Murders

Del Croxson

Age: 34

Sex: male

Date: 1 Jan 1994

Place: unknown

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Del Croxson died from a suspicious drug overdose whilst in prison.

At the time he had been on remand after being accused of carrying out the murder of Barry Dalton, whose murder is also unsolved. He was described by the press as having been a hired hitman.

He had been supplied with heroin which was said to have been far more potent than anything he had previously used and when he was found he still had the needle sticking out of his vein.

The press later suggested in 2015 that his death might have been covered up by the Metropolitan Police.

It was reported that Del Croxson had previously been convicted of armed robbery for which he had served 16 years.

The Guardian newspaper reported that the killing for which he was on remand for at the time of his death was his second killing although no further details of that are known.

Del Croxson was described as a psychopath and a heroin user and it was said that when he was on remand he had started to crack up and feared that he would never leave prison, his mental state worsening due to his heroin addiction.

It was said that the circumstances regarding the wider environment that he had lived in were fictionalised by an author in a book released in 2004 in which most of the circumstances were detailed, but the names changed. The book was called 'Judas Pig' by Horace Silver and was published by 'The Do Not Press'.