Unsolved Murders

Johnathan Gordon

Age: 32

Sex: male

Date: 12 Oct 2003

Place: Barrish Bar, Royal Park Road, Hyde ParkLeeds

Source: www.westyorkshire.police.uk

Johnathan Gordon was shot outside the Barrish bar in Hyde Park, Leeds on 12 October 2003.

He had been out for the night with friends and was outside the Barrish bar at 5.30am when a man of medium height and build, wearing dark clothing and a crash helmet on shot him 2-4 times. It was said that his crash helmet had a distinctive Mohican design above the visor. It was thought that the gunman had put the crashhelmet on in the bar.

He had gone out earlier in the evening on 11 October 2003 to a working men's club in Leeds to watch an England-Turkey football match. After that, he and a friend went into Leeds city centre where they went to several bars and clubs and met some associates. He then went to the Blue Leopard lap dance club in Wellington Street at about 4am on 12 October 2003 after which he left with a female employee and went into Bradford. He then later went to Hyde Park to the Barrish bar where he was seen standing outside with a group of people that were arguing at about 5.30am. Soon after he was shot between two and four times by the person with the crash helmet.

A friend took him to the hospital in Johnathan Gordon's own car and dumped him outside the Leeds general infirmary but he died soon after. The two people that had taken him to the hospital had ran off after leaving him there.

Johnathan Gordon had been shot in his arms and stomach at close range. His post mortem also revealed that he had taken cocaine, alcohol and ketamine in the evening.

It was thought that the gunman had used a .38 or 9mm semi-automatic handgun.

The police said that they encountered a wall of silence in their investigation. It was said that someone at the scene of the murder would have known the gunman.

It was noted that the Barrish bar was serving alcohol out of hours and that it was thought that witnesses might not have wanted to have been drawn into the investigation because of that. The police said 'Some people may think that was an illegal drinking club that night, and they don't want to be marked as people that were in there. But all that I can assure them is that I'm interested in who killed John Gordon and not in who was in an illegal drinking club'.

Sixteen people were arrested during the investigation but no one was charged.

The police said that his murder was calculated rather than random.

Statements were given by passers-by and around 50 people that had been in the Barrish bar at the time for a birthday party.

Johnathan Gordon was 6ft tall and weighed 17-stone. He used to be a club doorman but had then become a partner in a double-glazing business. He was married and had a 4-year old son.

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