Unsolved Murders

Gary Coleman

Age: 41

Sex: male

Date: 15 May 2016

Place: Pierhead Street, Cardiff Bay

Gary Coleman died from unexplained injuries consistent with an assault.

The Coroner said that while he could not rule out that Gary Coleman had been assaulted, it was not impossible that his injuries were accidental or self-inflicted.

He had large cuts on both sides of his head, multiple blunt injuries to his torso and had a ruptured gall bladder and bruising to one of his lungs.

He was found dead at his flat in Cardiff Bay on 15 May 2016 after his father alerted the police.

The police said that they could find no evidence to indicate that any third party had been involved with his death and no signs of a forced entry to his flat, and said that CCTV evidence was found to account for the previous seven days of his life with nothing found that was suspicious.

He had lived alone after splitting up with his partner and had a history of depression, anxiety and alcohol misuse.

The coroner returned a narrative conclusion, stating that the circumstances of his injuries were unknown.

However, the coroner said, 'There are a number of very worrying features in the injuries. I remain concerned that I don't understand fully how he got them'.

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