Unsolved Murders

John Oxley

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 18 May 1907

Place: Storthes Hall Asylum, Kirkburton, Huddersfield

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

John Oxley died in Storthes Hall Asylum.

He was a gardener and had been transferred from Wadsley Asylum in September 1906.

On the Tuesday 14 May 1907 he was put in the sick ward and later had a bath. The next day an assistant medical officer of health saw bruises on his body and found that he had a broken rib.

A doctor said that the injuries might have been caused by an attendant kneeling on him.

The day attendant said that he did not see John Oxley fall or note any bruises when he had been under his charge and that he later handed him over to the night attendant.

The day attendant said that the next morning when he came in he found John Oxley was trembling and nervous.

The night attendant said that he had had to hold John Oxley down in his bet all night, however, when he was questioned again he said that it was in fact another patient that he had had to hold down all night and not John Oxley. However, that patient could not be found.

The Coroner complained that he had had to fish for evidence and an open verdict was returned.