Unsolved Murders

Unknown Woman

Age: unknown

Sex: female

Date: 18 Jan 1908

Place: Notting Dale

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

An unknown woman fell from a fourth-floor window in Notting Dale.

She had gone back to the room with a man after meeting him in Bayswater Road near Marble Arch. The man that she was with had just got out of prison that morning after serving two years and six months on his ticket and didn't know the woman.

They had had two drinks on the way to Nottinghill and the man said that when they had got to the room they had been there for five minutes when the woman suggested going out for a drink and said that he said, 'You don't want any more tonight', and bang the door shut and stood with his back to it. He said that the woman then said, 'I will soon get a drink', and pulled a table to one side, threw up the window and jumped out.

She was found dead in the yard about 30ft below.

The landlady said that they had arrived on the Saturday night and said they were man and wife and booked a room for the night. The landlady said that they appeared quite sober and were on friendly terms. However, within ten minutes of taking the room she said that the man came running to her to tell her that the woman had jumped out of the window.

A policeman said that the man didn't try to get away and held a candle whilst a doctor examined her.

A labourer who lived in the next room said that he heard the bang of a door being closed and heard a woman asking to go out. He told a policeman that he heard them fighting quietly and that he heard feet moving quickly.

When the doctor examined her body he noticed that her hands were refined and not those of a woman who had done any work. He said that there were bruises on her body and a lacerated wound on her lower lip but not the sort that would have been caused by a blow from a fist. He found five bruises on her upper arm and a small bruise on her other elbow like finger marks from a grip from behind. He said that five of her ribs were broken on her left side and her fourth and fifth vertebrae were also broken. He concluded that death was due to shock from the fracture of the spine.

An open verdict was returned.