Unsolved Murders

James Berry

Age: 61

Sex: male

Date: 4 Dec 1906

Place: Nicks Timber Pond, Gloucester

James Berry was found dead in the canal at Nicks Timber Pond.

He had gone out around 9am on 4 December 1906. He had said that he would be back by 7pm but didn't return. He had said that he was going to see the hounds meet at Putloe where he often went and generally returned along the canal.

He was later seen at around 10am by the landlord of the Pilot Inn on the Bristol Road who said that he said hello and that James Berry told him that he was going to Putloe. The man said that he saw James Berry again at 5pm when James Berry came by his pub on his way back and that he stayed until about 6pm. He said that James Berry had about twopenny worth of whisky and paid for a pint of beer for another person.

His stick was soon found in the canal near Hempsted Bridge but his body was not found until the evening of 13 January 1907. The landlord of the Pilot Inn said that the canal towpath was dangerous in places at night. A policeman said that one part of the towpath was particularly dangerous where a part of the bank had been cut away such that if anyone slipped they would fall 40 feet into the canal.

James Berry had been living at 94 Seymour Road but up until 18 months’ prior he had been the innkeeper of the Old Pilot Inn in Gloucester, when he retired.

It was noted that the evening of 4 December 1906 was very dark and there was a strong wind blowing.

James Berry's watch had stopped at 6.30pm. When he had left, he had taken his purse with about 7s. as well as some loose coppers and a handkerchief but when he was found they were missing.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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