Unsolved Murders


Age: 0

Sex: male

Date: 23 Feb 1907

Place: Pilgrim Road, Brabourne

The body of a newly-born child was found wrapped up in a brown paper parcel on the Pilgrim Road in Brabourne.

It was found by a labourer who had lived in Sandhole Cottages in Brabourne whilst he was walking along the road. He said that he saw the parcel on the bank and poked it with the toe of his boot and when he found that there was something in it he stooped down and tore a piece of the wrapping off to find that it contained the body of a child. He then covered it up and went off to find the police.

When the police arrived they found the parcel which was not tied with anything and when they unrolled it they found the child wrapped up in a piece of new calico.

The body was taken to the Five Bells pub where it was examined. It was found that some parts of the parcel were wet and others dry indicating that it had not been there on the Tuesday night when it had rained.

There were bruises on its face extending from its eyes to its mouth and its nose had been displaced by a blow. however, it was thought that the violence had taken place after it had died. its lungs were expanding indicating that it had breathed freely.

The doctor who examined the child said that he thought it had been dead for three to four days and that the cause of death might have been exposure or due to haemorrhage or due to natural debility.

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