Unsolved Murders

Keith Andrew Balfour

Age: 32

Sex: male

Date: 13 Apr 1999

Place: Lewisham, South-East London

Keith Balfour was shot in his office.

He was a ticket agent and was shot in his office in Brixton.

His business had been called Big Ballers his office had been right next to Brockley railway station.

Two men walked into his office at 1.30pm and shot him with a Mac-10 submachine gun. One of the men was said to have shot him whilst another was said to have kept watch at the door.

It was noted that Keith Balfour had a criminal record and that his name had been suggested at the murder trial for Richard Parkinson as being the person responsible for his murder, although there was no evidence given to support that. It was noted that he was shot on the same day that two men that were tried for Richard Parkinson's murder were arrested.

It was also noted that he had previously survived one other attempted murder on his life.

He was a prominent figure in the world of club promotion and was involved in security and protection of clubs and events.

His murder was described as particularly brazen as it had taken place in the early afternoon and the murderers had made no attempt to disguise themselves.  Keith Balfour had been sitting in his office talking to his 20-year-old assistant who was on the first day of her new job with him. It was said that there was another male visitor in the office with him but that he had not come forward.

It was heard that Keith Balfour and a gang that he was said to have led were suspected of having been involved with attacking a Radio 1 hip hop DJ in Streatham in 1998 after the man had refused to pay protection money. The incident was part of a number of assaults and murders surrounding the emerging black music industry that was being embraced at the time by the BBC and after the same Radio 1 hip hop DJ was shot in July 1999 by two men on a motorbike, it was said that celebrities were becoming scared and were starting to stay away from events such as organised anti-gun rallies through fear of violence. A particular anti-gun rally that was organised for which lots of footballers, musicians and faces from TV where invited had only 50 people attend after it was found that celebrities didn't want to know. The brother of Avril Johnson, who was shot in 1998, had played at the rally and had called for DJs to stop playing music that glorified violence, saying, 'There are a lot of rappers out there who are talking a lot of sense. DJs don't always have to play music that praises the gun.'.

The police said that in their investigation into the murder of Keith Balfour they came up against a wall of silence.

He had been known as Little Andy.

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