Unsolved Murders

Dorothy Allen

Age: 3

Sex: female

Date: 23 Sep 1925

Place: Blackpool Promanade

Dorothy Allen drowned in the sea.

Her father was charged with her murder but discharged through lack of evidence.

He said that he had been carrying her along the promenade as she slept when he slipped with his artificial leg and she fell in and then when trying to reach her he slipped in too.

However, after he had been rescued from the sea and whilst suffering from double pneumonia and supposedly rambling in his mind he had made a statement at the hospital to the effect that he had thrown her in.

He had been committed to the Assizes on a Coroner's warrant and the Magistrate that dealt with it said that no one had been committed to the Assizes in 20 years on a Coroner's Warrant alone and he was discharged due to lack of evidence.