Unsolved Murders


Age: unknown

Sex: female

Date: 3 Oct 1925

Place: Station Road, Swindon

The skeleton of a woman was found in the garden of a house in Station Road, Swindon.

A doctor said that it had lain hidden under the soil for about three years. There was nothing to show the cause of death.

A large number of articles were found by the remains including a pendent with a photo of a good-looking woman and a brooch with the name May on it.

The house had been occupied for a number of years by a gentleman who had died in 1922. Members of his family said that they had no idea who the woman in the photo was.

It was later thought that the girl had been a lover of the man that had lived in the house. Whilst he had died just over two years earlier aged 79 it was thought that they had been seeing each other 23 years earlier when he was nearly 60. However, her name was still not known.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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