Unsolved Murders

Elizabeth Frost

Age: 49

Sex: female

Date: 25 Oct 1925

Place: 77 Upper Stanhope Street, Liverpool

Elizabeth Frost died from prussic acid poisoning.

She was the wife of a licensee in St. John's Lane, Liverpool.

In the afternoon she had gone with her son to the pictures and then later that night she went with her husband and son to a local theatre and after they came back home they sat down to a supper of roast pork, pickles and cheese. Then suddenly she got up from the supper table and fell unconscious and before medical aid could be summoned she died.

Her mother said at the Coroner's inquest that Elizabeth Frost had recently complained to her that she was having a miserable life with her husband who was always nagging her and that she feared that she would be driven to suicide.

She said that previous to that she had told her that her husband had turned her out into the street at midnight and had caused injuries to her arm and breast.

Her husband said that Elizabeth Frost had fretted a good deal over the death of her son four years earlier and that since they had had frequent quarrels over trifling things. He said that on the occasion of the supper she left the room and must have taken the prussic acid, which he had bought to kill kittens, then.

He admitted that they had quarrelled on several occasions but denied that he had ever knocked her about unless he had been provoked. He also denied that he had turned her out of the house and said instead that she had left of her own free will.

An open verdict was returned.

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