Unsolved Murders

Shaquan Mario Fearon

Age: 17

Sex: male

Date: 3 Sep 2015

Place: Spalding House, Turnham Road, Bromley

Source: www.itv.com

Shaquan Mario Fearon was stabbed multiple times on 3 September 2015 and died shortly after arriving at a nearby hospital.

At the trial it was heard that the motive for the attack was because Shaquan Fearon had been talking to another boy’s girlfriend. It was said that he had disrespected another teenager by talking to his girlfriend.

Two youths were tried for his murder three times. At the first two trials the jury failed to reach a verdict and the third trial was abandoned because one of the defendants had to find a new barrister.

The two youth's had each been 15-years-old at the time of the murder.

The older of the two 15-year-old boys was however convicted of wounding Shaquan Fearon's friend and sentenced to five years. Shaquan Fearon's friend had recieved a 60mm long cut to his cheek.

At the trial it was claimed that the two youths had both stabbed Shaquan Fearon.

However, the older of the two youths had said that he had been acting in self-defence after he said that Shaquan Fearon had tried to blaze or shoot him, whilst the younger of the two youths had said that he didn't stab Shaquan Fearon and claimed that he had only been trying to defend his friend during the fight.

It was said that Shaquan Fearon and his friend had been near Spalding House when two other youths with two other girls came past. It was later said that Shaquan Fearon had spoken to one of the girls, who was one of the youth's girlfriends and that that had prompted a fight because it had disrespected the youth. It was said then that the youth went up to Shaquan Fearon and his friend and asked, 'where you going?', to which Shaquan Fearon and his friend responded by telling the two youths that it was none of their business. It was said then that one of the two youths then said, 'let's talk', and then the other youth grabbed Shaquan Fearon by his body warmer and that Shaquan Fearon then punched the youth in the face and there was a fight. It was said then that the other youth either dropped his bag and the knife fell out or he just pulled out two large kitchen knives from a bag, at which point Shaquan Fearon and his friend then ran off.

Shaquan Fearon and his friend ran off towards the north corner of Spalding House where Shaquan Fearon was cornered and stabbed in the leg. The attack was seen by a number of residents as well as being caught on CCTV footage.

The attack was said to have lasted for under 60 seconds.

The police were then called to the scene at about 6.15pm.

Shaquan Fearon was said to have died from a cardiac arrest following a stab wound to the leg and died at the scene. He had been stabbed multiple times with a black kitchen knife, including once in the back and leg.

The two youths were arrested with murder the following day when they attended a police station and they were charged on 6 September 2015.

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