Unsolved Murders

Emma Crowhurst

Age: 36

Sex: female

Date: 11 May 2015

Place: Chawbrook Road, Eastbourne

Source: www.sussex.police.uk

Emma Crowhurst was found in Chawbrook Road, Eastbourne just before midnight on 26 April 2015 with a fractured skull and died two weeks later in hospital on 11 May 2015.

She was found in Chawbrook Road at the junction with Dudley Road and Havelock Road, not far from her home.

After she was found she was taken to the Eastbourne District General Hospital and then later transferred to Hurstwood Park Neurological Hospital where she later died. When she was taken to the hospital she was first found to be in a stable condition, but her condition suddenly deteriorated just before she died.

Her post-mortem stated that she died from a head injury. The pathologist said that she had a fractured skull and bleeding to the brain.

It was later said that it was not clear as to whether she had fallen or had been pushed over by a mystery assailant.

It was thought that she was killed whilst she was out fetching her cats.

The police said that they thought that she had been in an argument with a man and that that had led up to an assault on her.

She had been seen earlier in the day at 7pm on Seaside near the junction with Firle Road, by Buskers bar. It was thought that she was also caught on CCTV footage just after 11pm near the telephone boxes on Seaside between Belmore Road and Firle Roads. It was thought that Emma Crowhurst had then gone home at about 11.15pm after she had gone out to get her cats and was then killed.

Several witnesses had reported hearing an argument shortly before midnight in the area between a man and a woman. A number of people said that they heard a woman shouting to a man words to the effect of, 'Come here and say that to my face', after which they said that a man was heard to say something like, 'If you get up, I’ll kill you'.

It was heard that she had been drinking during the day.

Emma Crowhurst had lived on Albion Road in Eastbourne with her partner at the time who was a drug addict who later died himself around 2017. She was found about 200 yards from her home.

Emma Crowhurst was a known street drinker and had a history of drug abuse.

An open verdict was recorded at her inquest. The Coroner said, 'There may have been an assault or may not, we aren’t ever going to know which. There’s insufficient evidence to show lawful killing. But is there enough evidence to show on balance that this was an accident? There isn’t'.

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