Unsolved Murders

Sean Finnan

Age: 22

Sex: male

Date: 9 Jan 2009

Place: Barons Hey, Stockbridge Village

Sean Finnan was stabbed and beaten in Barons Hey and later died in hospital.

Sean Finnan had lived in Childwall and had gone to Stockbridge Village in a Transit van with a friend to recover his 14-year-old brothers bike which had been stolen the day before.

He got there around 8pm and was attacked in Barons Hey by a group of men who beat him over the head with a metal bar and stabbed him in the leg. The men had a gun which was pointed at the friend in order to stop him from helping Sean Finnan.

Sean Finnan was taken to hospital where he died four days later from a cardiac arrest.

Sean Finnan's brother's bike was found the day after Sean Finnan died in woodland near Little Wood Lodge between the M57 and the B5194, Knowsley Lane.

Four men were arrested over the murder and homes searched but no one was charged.

The bike was a silver Specialized Stumpjumper mountain bike and had been given to Sean Finnan's brother two weeks earlier for Christmas. It was stolen by five youths on 3 January when his brother had lent it up against a wall to talk to friends in Chelwood Avenue, Broadgreen. One of the youth's rode off on the bike towards Bowring Park Road, along the side of the M62. Sean Finnan went out the next day at 7pm to look for it and received a call from an unknown youth telling him to go to Stockbridge Village to look for it.

Sean Finnan then went out with a friend that had been visiting him for Christmas from Devon in a transit van. They drove into Barons Hey and then into Corner Brook where the way was blocked by bollards. They then saw a group of youths who beckoned them over by holding up a mobile phone and Sean Finnan went over to see them. While he was doing that his friend started to turn the van around in the street and as he was doing so noticed that the youths were attacking Sean Finnan in the mirror.

The police said that they were interested in speaking to anyone that could tell them where the bike had been after it was stolen up until the time it was found in the wood.

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