Unsolved Murders

Robert Pride-McLeod

Age: 49

Sex: male

Date: 21 Jan 2007

Place: Robert Street, Harrogate

Robert Pride-McLeod was found dead in a cellar at a homeless hostel on Robert Street on 21 January 2007.

He had suffered a head injury after having been assaulted.

Three people, a man, a woman and a 17 year old, were arrested soon after but no charges were made. The police later arrested three other youths about a month later but again no charges were made.

On the day he vanished a 17 year old was having a birthday party in the hostel where other youths had been present, drinking and taking cannabis. It was thought that Robert Pride-McLeod had been lured into the cellar where he was assaulted and then left.

A detective said 'A female witness heard him being bounced off the walls and doors and saw him laid in a pool of his own blood but she was frightened and had locked herself in her room. Those who knew he was down there made no attempt to save him or alert anyone that he was down there. He was left to die in a cold, damp, dark environment in the middle of winter.'.

He had been made homeless about nine days before he was found on 12 January 2007 and had been given a room in the hostel on the first floor. He checked in on 12 January 2007 at 11.45pm.

However, his room was found empty three days later on 15 January 2007 and he was found dead a week later.

He was 5ft 2in tall and weighed five stone. He had a heart condition as well as psychiatric problems and was required to walk with a wheeled frame.

He had also changed his name five years earlier when he was called Timothy Pride-McLeod.

He had been living with friends in Birstwith before hand where he had been for several years. However, when he came to Harrogate he had gone to the hospital and whilst there he had declared himself homeless and given the room at the hostel. At the time the hostel had 7 rooms and a flat, all of which were occupied at the time.

At his inquest an open verdict was returned but after his post-mortem revealed head injuries the police opened a murder investigation.

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