Unsolved Murders

Charles Trueman

Age: 83

Sex: male

Date: 31 Aug 1991

Place: Station Road, Hexham, Northumberland

Charles Trueman was hit by a car that then drove off in Hexham, Northumberland at about 5pm on 31 August 1991.

He died from head injuries.

Nobody saw the incident, but a blue Metro car and dark saloon-style car were said to have been seen in the area at the time. It was said that the blue Metro car was seen leaving the scene and had possibly been the car that had hit Charles Trueman and that it was thought the dark saloon-style car would have probably had to have swerved to have avoided the collision.

He was hit in Station Road close to the junction with Dean Street and Loosing Hill, not far from his home.

Shortly after, a person called Hexham Hospital to ask how Charles Trueman was, and the police said that they thought that that might have been the person that knocked him over, but that they didn't know who had made the call.

The police noted that the incident might have been accidental, and that the driver might not have been to blame, but appealed for them to come forward, nonetheless.

A policeman later said at the 25th anniversary appeal, 'We would be grateful for any information that could help us understand the course of events on that fateful day, this is not about finding someone to blame. There is not much to go on and we know it will be difficult to be able to trace those involved that day, but we will fully investigate any new leads. It is now time for whoever was driving to take responsibility once and for all'.

Charles Trueman was a World War Two veteran. He was hit as he walked home from his daughter's grave.

He had lived in Peth Head and was a retired gardener.

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