Unsolved Murders

Sheik Adeen Mohamed

Age: 29

Sex: male

Date: 24 Jul 2003

Place: Jameson Street, Hull, Humberside

Sheik Adeen Mohamed died after an assault.

He was attacked in Jameson Street in Hull on 24 July 2003 in the early hours.

His body was found in the doorway of Hammonds department store opposite the Retro bar on Jameson Street at about 1.36am.

It was said that police had CCTV footage of the assault.

His post-mortem stated that he had been violently assaulted and stabbed at least four times including once in the heart with a 5-inch knife. The wound to his heart had gone through his chest and pierced the right ventricle of his heart. It was also said that the knife had been plunged into him to the hilt. He also had defensive wounds to his left arm. Toxicology tests showed that he was three times over the drink-drive limit.

A prime suspect was thought to have fled the country and gone to Iraq. Two people were arrested in 2003 on suspicion of assisting an offender.

Sheik Mohamed had come to the UK as a refugee from Sudan about three years earlier and had been in Hull for about three months at an address in Alma Street, off Beverley Road. On the day of his murder he had got a job through a job agency and had been out to the Retro bar to celebrate. However, it was said that whilst there he had made unwanted advances to an Iraqi man’s girlfriend and that when he left they had followed him out of the bar. Once outside they then began fighting and fell to the floor grappling each other during which it was thought that the Iraqi man had stabbed Sheik Mohamed several times.

After the fight Sheik Mohamed tried to run off but collapsed 100 yards away in the doorway where he died.

The Iraqi man was not traced and it was thought that he might have left the country or even gone back to Iraq.

It was thought that because of the situation in Iraq at the time and the fact that Iraq at the time didn't extradite its own nationals that little progress would be made in the case. However, the police said that his details had been circulated to 160 countries and that the case was still very much open.

Hammonds department store later became the location of House of Fraser.

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