Unsolved Murders

Jason Stock

Age: 33

Sex: male

Date: 2 Nov 2003

Place: Alexandra Road, Hull, Humberside

Source: www.humberside.police.uk

Jason Stock died after having been beaten around the head with a flat heavy weapon or punched to the ground.

He was found at a man's home with head, face and body injuries and taken to hospital where he later died. He was unconscious when he was found and never regained consciousness.

He died from serious injuries to his head and had a total of 66 separate injuries.

His inquest returned an open verdict. Files were passed to the Crown Prosecution Service, but they said that there was insufficient evidence to proceed.

The inquest heard that Jason Stock had been violently abused by his girlfriend and friends. However, at the inquest, his girlfriend and one of the friends refused to answer questions on the grounds that they might incriminate themselves.

One of the friends said that he had heard a rumour that someone had waited in Jason Stock's flat for him and then assaulted him. However, the police said that they found no evidence to support that idea.

The friend also said that he had hit Jason Stock on the face on the night he was injured but said that Jason Stock had been fighting with his girlfriend and that he had pulled them apart.

He later said that Jason Stock had hit his head on the window ledge saying 'I dug him twice in the front, not hard, that's all I did, then she kicked him in the head.'. However, he later said that he couldn't remember making that statement and said that he had been drunk at the time.

Jason Stock was said to have been a heavy drinker and was often seen in the pubs along Beverley Road. Witnesses said that during the months before he died they had seen the friend and his girlfriend assaulting Jason Stock.

It was also said that the girlfriend had said that she had hit Jason Stock with an iron, a lamp and an ashtray and that she had stabbed him in the eye with a fork whilst drunk and in a temper.

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