Unsolved Murders

Hayley Morgan

Age: 20

Sex: female

Date: 1 May 1998

Place: Beverley Road, Hull

Source: www.independent.co.uk

Hayley Morgan was found dead in an alleyway off of the Beverley Road in Hull under a tree, partly clothed and with a plastic bag over her head.

An open verdict was returned after it was found that she had died from a massive heroin overdose and asphyxiation.

Her body was also found to be battered and bruised and that she had other significant injuries.

Four people were arrested during her investigation, but nobody was charged.

She was also known as Hayley Marshall.

She was known to be a chronic drug abuser and had worked as a prostitute in the Luke Street area near where she lived.

It was thought that she had been murdered elsewhere and then dumped in Beverley Road which was some distance from Luke Street and where she lived.

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