Unsolved Murders

Charles Craven

Age: 73

Sex: male

Date: 12 Jan 1926

Place: Barmston Drain

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Charles Craven was found dead in Barmston Drain.

The Coroner said that there was no question of suicide in the case.

His body was found on Monday 11 January 1926 in Barmston Drain near the bridge end of Endyke Lane.

He had lived with his wife at 12 Wilfred's Terrace, Sharp Street, Hull.

He was found in the drain floating face downwards with his walking stick still in his hand and his cap on his head. The Coroner's jury heard that he had suffered from rheumatism for some years and walked with difficulty. It was also noted that the bank was slippery at the point where he was found and it was thought that he had taken a walk along the drain and stumbled and fallen into the water.

In March 1926 another man was also found dead in the drain.

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