Unsolved Murders

Hilda Madd

Age: unknown

Sex: female

Date: 10 Jan 1927

Place: 96 Stanway Road, Ely, Cardiff

Hilda Madd was found dead at her home.

Shortly after the body of a newly-born child was also dug up from her garden.

She was the wife of a sailor who was at the time away at sea.

A fitter's helper had been detained in connection with her death. When the police saw the man they said 'I have been informed that you have medically attended a woman named Mrs Hilda Madd during the past week?' The man replied 'Yes, I have'. They then told him that she had died that afternoon and that he would be taken into custody on a charge of causing her death. The man made no reply but then turned to his mother and said 'No illegal operation has been performed. When I last saw her she was suffering from acute rheumatism. I stayed with her on Thursday and Friday night'.

Whilst on his way to the police station the man voluntarily said that he had bought about 7lbs of stuff from the doctor the week before and, 'I am in a mess now, but it is entirely my own fault. I advised her on Friday night to call a doctor.'. When he was charged he said 'The less said, the sooner mended. I suppose my people will pay for my defence'.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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