Unsolved Murders

Ziggy Worrell-Owusu

Age: 19

Sex: male

Date: 27 Oct 2016

Place: Basement Lounge Shisha Bar, Goodmayes Road, Ilford

Ziggy Worrell-Owusu was stabbed at a party at the Basement Lounge Shisha bar in Goodmayes Road on 27 October 2016 at about 12.40am. He was taken to hospital in east London but died soon after at about 1.45am.

His post-mortem, which took place at East Ham Mortuary on 28 October 2016 gave his cause of death as being due to a stab wound to the groin.

There were said to have been about 100 people at the party at the time which was someone’s 18th birthday party. However, the police said that although there would have been a number of people that witnessed the build up to the altercation that resulted in Ziggy Worrell-Owusu being stabbed, few people came forward.

The police said, 'We urgently need still to identify a significant number of people who were at the party and would encourage anyone with any information to get in touch', and also appealed for anyone with video footage or photos from the party to come forward.

Ziggy Worrell-Owusu had been to the party with a group of friends.

It was said that he had been trying to break up a fight at the time.

Two 17-year-old boys and a 19-year-old man were arrested soon after the murder but were not charged.

Ziggy Worrell-Owusu had lived on the Jack Dunning Estate in Hackney and had played rugby for the Hackney rugby club. His sister was an actress in the television program EastEnders.

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